Nomex Flyer Coveralls
Nomex Flyer Coveralls
Nomex Flyer Coveralls

Nomex Flyer Coveralls

Sku: BB-NFC-004

ARTICLE # BB-NFC-004- Color (Desert Tan)


MIL Spec: MIL–C–83141A
Fabric Dupont (IFR) Nomex®. (MIL–C–83429B)

Nomex® 92% Meta Aramid, 5% Para Aramid, 3% Conductive Fibers
Type 1 And 1 Class And Cwu-27/P Style Flight Suit/Coveralls
* Sewn to Military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-23141A)
*Two way zipper with pull * Six primary pockets *Knife pocket on left leg inseam
* Pencil pocket on left sleeve
Fiber Material – Aramid Main Body (NOMEX) * Cloth Name – Plain Weave Main Body
* Color – Desert Tan , Main Body. * Garment Closing Method – Slide Fastener Front.
*Gusseted back. * Adjustment Method – Hook-Pile Fastener Tape And Strap Sleeve (Velcro).
* Pocket Type: , Patch Lower Left Leg , Patch Lower Right Leg , Patch Inner Left Thigh. Patch Left Breast ,
Cargo Left Sleeve , Patch Right Breast , Patch Outer Left Thigh. Patch Outer Right Thigh.
*Environmental Protection – (IFR) Fire Resistant Properties *Features Provided – Belt And Static Electricity Reducing Feature
*Non-definitive Spec/Std Data – I Type And 1 Class And Cwu-27/P Style flight suit * Garment Weight Designator – Light