CWU/45P Flight Pilot Jacket

Sku: BB-NFJ-003

Article # BB-NFJ-003

CWU/45P Flight Jacket – Cold Weather
CWU/45P Flight Jacket Alpha’s flight nomex version of the U.S. Air force current issue cold weather flight jacket.
Our CWU 45/P is made to the same standard as our IFR Nomex only by DUPONT version worn by the U.S. Air force.

Nomex® 92% Meta Aramid, 5% Para Aramid, 3% Conductive Fibers Type 1 And 1 Class

Sewn to Military specifications, Best of Pilot Flyers.
Two major pocket on front with flap for operation instruments. Pencil pocket on left sleeve.
Primary Use and Function:-
Military Aircrew member, pilot, medical Flight personnel, Fire/Rescue, Airfield support personnel. –
Fiber Material – Aramid Main Body ( IFR NOMEX) Cloth Name – Plain Weave Main Body. Color – Black

Main Body. Environmental Protection – Fire Resistant Properties . Garment Weight Designator – Light.

Special Features:-
Jacket inside lining is four layered to for extra warmness in cold area’s.
Used with Thinsulate and Riesa materials.
Other colors – Tan,Black, Navy Blue.

Custom Design and specification can also manufacturer in our factory.

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